Sunday beach parties in Brazil

Warmest greetings to you! During the summer heat wave here in Seattle, I find respite in the shade by the shores of Lake Washington, Puget Sound or Greenlake. In Brazil, on Sunday the entire family heads to the beach. No one there seems to mind the crowds; the more the merrier to join the party. A stroll along the water’s edge will find you dodging: soccer balls; giddy children; elders in low chairs; packs of teens racing into the waves; surfers carrying their boards; frolicking dogs, and vendors selling bikinis, speakers, and surfing lessons. Relax at a table under a large umbrella and someone will eventually take your order for a cold cerveja(beer), caipirinha (strong cocktail), peixe (fish), or sorvete (ice cream). In Brazil, spending Sunday at the beach with one’s family and friends is a tradition; the joy in the air is palpable, and the sea is wonderfully refreshing.  Barra da Lagoa on the island of Florianopolis is pictured below.

Singing for the Senior Dance!

Spent a recent delightful afternoon singing for seniors with the ever-swinging  Sentimental Journeymen. The staff danced with folks in their walkers and wheelchairs.

Singing’ and Swinging’ Johnny Mercer

Looking forward to my show this Friday May 11 at 9pm at Egans Jazz Club where I will be singing  songs by one of my all time favorite Great American Songbook lyricists along with some of my favorite musicians!

April in Paris

We had a wonderful time performing our show at Emerald Heights last evening to a truly delightful audience. C’est Magnifique to be  accompanied by the fabulously talented Hans Brehmer on piano.