Seattle, WA click here for more info – 12/28/14 – Century Ballroom – Valse Cafe Orchestra\’s Tea Dance

Valse Cafe Orchestra's Tea Dance
Sunday, December 28, 2014
1:00pm - All Ages Buy Tickets
915 E. Pine St.
Seattle, WA click here for more info

Happy Summer, Waltz Lover --

Just a reminder: The August Waltz Cafe sneaks up on us earlier than we think: The dance is next Sunday, August 22. at the Century Ballroom. Seems like it ought to be later in the calendar, but these quirks happen when the 1st of any month falls on a Sunday.

Now that you've been alerted, we hope you won't miss Quartet Chassez -- with Dina Blade's lush vocals, Terry Wergeland's dreamy piano, and, of course, the musical savvy of those longtime dance-hall pros, Phil and Vivian Williams.

As usual, the Waltz Cafe starts at 1 p.m. and goes until 3:30. Like last month, when the weather was sunny and hot outside, the Century Ballroom's efficient system of exhaust fans kept us dancers cool and happy -- so don't let some August sunshine keep you from this joyous little dance.

Cost is still just $10, parking is (still) free on Sundays, and like clockwork The Tin Table opens at 3 p.m. just across the hall for drinks and fab food.

For more info about Quartet Chassez or to see which musicians come next to the Waltz Cafe, please go to our website:

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